Towable Tubes, Rope and Air Pump

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Kwik Tek G-force Water Tube

Kwik Tek G-force

With the Kwik Tek G-Force water tube you will never have to ride alone. You can ride with two people and for the ultimate in water fun, you can have three people riding at once.  Now that is a good time that anyone can enjoy! The topside stabilizing fins help you steer and keep you on course.

There is plenty of room to hold on. This tube has six deluxe nylon wrapped handles for easy grip. You do not want to let go in mid ride! Each handle also has a knuckle guard for protection.

It is built with a tough thirty gauge PVC air bladder and covered with a double stitched nylon cover. It also has the qwik connect feature that makes hooking up this tube very simple. The built in Boston valve makes for fast easy inflation and fast easy deflation.  It is 72″ by 62″ deflated. Make sure that you store it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight!

Airhead Big Slice Water Tube

Airhead Big Slice

The name says it all. The Airhead big slice water tube will have you slicing up the water like a hot knife through butter. This ski tube is perfect for anyone that has an interest in the awesome world of water skis.

First time riders and seasoned veterans will all enjoy this wet and wild ride.  This tube has a low profile making it easy to ride and climb on.  You can also ride with a friend on this one. It is perfect for one rider or two riders.  You will not loose your grip on this one. It has four nylon wrapped handles that are very comfortable. The neoprene knuckle guards will keep your hands protected.

The Airhead Big Slice features a durable thirty gauge PVC air bladder that is encased in a double stitched nylon cover.  Another great feature is the qwik connect. This alone will save you some time by making hook-up a snap. The built in Boston valve allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation. This is one wet and wild ride that will have you slicing up the wake and laughing the whole time!

Sportsstuff Sumo Water Tube


This Sumo water tube by Sportsstuff industries is not for the faint at heart. It is a wild ride that is unlike any other ski tube ride on the planet. You can really manuever this wild ride while you are being pulled in the wake. You can steer it, roll it and jump it. It will scramble you like an egg!

If that sounds like it may be just a bit to much for you then do not worry, you the rider control all of the action and if you do not want a wild ride then you can just glide across the surface of the water. It is much like body surfing!

Check out these awesome features.

  • Rope Handle Included
  • Quickly Inflating Air Bladder
  • Non- corrosive heavy duty gauge PVC material

You should really think about buying this tube if you already have a good water tube but you are looking for something a little different. You will be glad that you did.

Airhead Tow Rope

Hopefully you by now you already have a water tube and and electric air pump to inflate it. If you do you are almost ready to ride. There are just a few more pieces to the puzzle that must be acquired before the wild, wet fun begins.

You are going to need a tow rope. This rope will hook to the tube and allow your boat to pull the water tube safely and efficiently.  There are many tow ropes to choose from and you need to make sure that the one you choose is rated properly for the amount of riders you are going to have. Some water tubes allow more than one rider a a time and if you have three riders but you are using a tow rope that is only rated for one rider, then chances are your tow rope is not going to last.  You will be fine purchasing a rope that is rated for only one rider but you never know when you might decide to upgrade to a larger tube. Get a tow rope that is rated for up to four riders at once, this way there is never any guessing whether or not your tow rope will withstand the abuse.

This tow rope fits the bill perfectly. It is rated for four riders at once and it is not expensive. Look at some of it’s great features:

  • Two Sections
  • Pre-stretched and  UV-resistant, 5/8-in diameter, 16-strand rope
  • Exceeds the 4,150-lb break strength required by the WSIA for 4-rider tubes
  • Includes a Rope Keeper

Obrien Air Pump

Now that you have the best towable tube you are going to need a pump to inflate it. You can’t really ride one of these tubes deflated now can you?

There are many air pumps on the market today and finding the perfect one does not need to be a challenge. You can go the cheap route and get a manual air pump but you will be pumping while everyone else is riding.  I would suggest an electric air pump. These mighty little blowers will have your new water tube inflated in no time. The less time you spend inflating your tube will equal more time on the water.

This electric air pump can be used at the dock. Just simply plug it into your vehicle’s lighter port and your tube will soon be full of air. What I like about this pump is the AC adaptor. With this hand hookup you can hook directly to the battery on your boat and inflate your water tube while you are out on the water. It comes with three standard nozzles so you there will be no confusion on how to attach the pump to the tube.

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